April 14, 2009

EBAY: Late 60's VANS

Back when the company was Van Doren, they made deck shoes, handmade in their shop. Van Doren would take custom orders when they began. You bring your own canvas, and Van Doren would whip 'em up. I love Vans. Anyone that knows me, will testify to that fact. Hard pressed to find me without a pair of authentics. The only thing better than authentics? Authentic authentics. That's right, here on eBay, are a pair of shoes that really belong in a museum, and not an online auction house.

If I had the expendable income to pay the respect due to these fine specimens of Southern California history, I would ante up and put my money where my mouth is. Somebody please buy these. Buy them and disregard what the auction says about "collectors items", and wear the hell out of 'em like they should be worn. Til they fall apart on you and have to have them re-assembled. I emailed the gentleman selling them, and he summed it up perfectly, "It's amazing, with all the different styles Vans makes now, they can't reproduce these. These are beautiful". Yes they are. Currently $50.00, but reserve is not met. Auction ends today at 5pm Pacific, so get on this. And whoever snags these, please send me updates on their lives.