March 18, 2009

SAME 7 QUESTIONS: Michael Williams

ATtoG asks the same questions to inspirational, influential or just cool people... usually all three. It's not a bio, or a book report, just questions and answers. To learn more about the people, click on their link at the bottom of the segment. Click "More of this.." below the pic for the good stuff.

Greaser or Soc:
By appearances alone I would be a Soc, but I'm sure I would be friends with the Greasers. Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold.

Your first car:
I would like to say something cool — but it was definitely a 1985 Buick Century. As I remember it didn't last long and my next car, which I had through college, was a Jeep. I still miss the Jeep. Good enough for the GIs, good enough for me.

If I did it over, I would...
have saved more money for my first car and bought a Chevrolet Impala SS. One of the 1994/5/6 models with the LT1 V8 and the Caprice Classic police-car underpinnings. That car is still on my list of things to own, once I get my money right. Otherwise, I don't really think I would have much to do over. I am fairly good at choosing a path that I will be happy with, and appreciating where I am and what brought me here. There's no time in life for regrets.

Name three people who have influenced your (life)style:
First I would say my father. He never taught me anything about clothes or style or anything like that, but he showed me how to be a man that has integrity and how to work hard. My father is the most honest man I know and I will always be grateful for the values he gave me. Aside from my dad it is just a hodgepodge of bad ass guys like Steve McQueen, JFK, Peter Beard, George Patton and others.

It was better...
before plastic. Plastic sucks. I want to live in a world where packages are wrapped in brown paper and everything isn't disposable. In a world where things get fixed. The irony of this is technology is beautiful and I wouldn't last five minutes without it. But maybe if I could live in 1935 for a week, that would be cool.

Favorite Possession:
Not one single thing — I have a bunch of treasures. A five foot by eight foot American flag from the 1930s, my father's Navy pea-coat, my odd collections of stuff, my dead stock J. Press oxford cloth button-downs from the eighties.

The last time I...
Went fishing I was really bored. My friend Ben in Missoula keeps telling me that when I go up to Montana next (hopefully this summer) we are going to do some serious fly fishing and that I am going to love it. I have to say, as cool as that sounds, It is hard to get me excited about fishing. I seem to be more interested in Montana dive bar drinking than fly fishing. I hope Ben is right though.

*Thanks to Michael for taking the time have a little fun with this. He's a great guy and we all have to toss the respect at him for not only creating, but perfecting the template for this whole style/cool/weird and random blogging world we're a part of here. I'm not going to tell you to go check out his site, cause chances are, you're all here because of him anyway.

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