March 20, 2009

RADAR BLIP: Tellason Denim

Got some insider intel the other day, telling me to keep my eye out for this. I'll report back on more when information becomes unclassified... or when I kill the "contact" holding the yellow envelope stamped with the word... "CLASSIFIED". Check the pics below. Taken by a camera hidden in the button of a 1968 Pendleton Overcoat, and found in the clutches of a dead showroom worker in NYC... along with the 12 missing seconds of the Zapruder Film. Alright, sorry, the Secret Service post has me on this whole spy kick.

-13.5 oz cone mills selvage
-from the White Oak plant in Greensborough, N.C.
-cut-n-sewn in San Francisco, CA.
-this premier lot is regulated to 240 pairs, ltd numbered series