March 22, 2009

iPHONE RECAP: Downtown LA Shows

I was Downtown helping out my friends at the shows yesterday. I was busy, but sneaked a few photos when I saw something that didn't fit in with most of the horrific sights of an LA trade-show. All together it was slow for my friends and they walked away not only with ZERO p.o.s, but broken hearts as well. Oh well, better luck next time. Not going to lie, the opportunities for photos was SLIM TO NONE when it came to subject matter. I would often divert my eyes to the skyline just to avoid eye contact with some of the people. (Hence the building shots) Maybe I should've posted pics of bad instead of good. Naw... that post would take way too long to load.

My favorite is Mike from Flawless approach and perfect 10 on execution, old boy. Rollie Fingers if he had collected girls phone numbers instead of baseball cards.

Runner-up is Mr. Winter relaxing (illegally) on the fire escape. It's like 1943 and cool follow him wherever he roams.