March 3, 2009

Giuliano Mazzuoli Wrist Watch

In 1970, Mazzuoli took over his father's leather company in Florence, Italy. He began producing everyday objects, but redesigned based on inspiration from other everyday objects... just stay with me here. Pens designed with the shapes and precision of bicycle tools he used as a kid. Or the MOKA PEN, a writing utensil inspired by the coffee machine designed by Alfonso Bialetti.

What's the next logical step for such a creator? Well, high-end wrist wear inspired by vintage blood pressure sphygmomanometer, (yeah, I didn't know what those things were called either, I had to look it up) and tire pressure gauges. Might be a little bulky for my taste, but sorry, you tell me some Italian is making watches out of old blood pressure... gauges, and I have to at least take notice. Check the limited edition series with the hand numbered face.

Oh yeah, the guy also races cars, and was friends with Paul Newman, who he designed a watch for and you can own (bottom pic). $5,000 - $12,000.
At least appreciate...